BedBuzz Talking Alarm Clock

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BedBuzz for iPhone
BedBuzz for iPad

Check back with BedBuzz soon! We are currently updating
Android and Blackberry Playbook versions of BedBuzz, to
bring you the exciting features currently available for the
BedBuzz iPad and iPhone apps.

With BedBuzz, you can:
* Wake up to a greeting personalized with your name.
You can add an optional message to your greeting, like "You are
* Choose from 3 different voices
* Send and receive wake up messages from your Facebook friends
* Listen to today's weather forecast for your current location
* Wake up to your favorite music
* Choose to snooze with the large snooze button optimized for
sleepy fingers
* Add your own background photo
* Hear the news read to you from your favorite RSS feed
* Select from multiple theme options including High Contrast Mode
(large green text on a black screen)
* Set multiple alarms with advanced settings: enable/ disable for
specific days of the week

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